Quick Start Guide

CredaCash Mining Quick Start Guide

NOTE: Initial mining ended on July 26. This Quick Start Guide will be updated shortly.

CredaCash mining began on June 15 and will continue until approximately July 25 when 200 thousand blocks have been mined.

CredaCash mining uses a Proof-of-Work algorithm based on the integer operations of a standard CPU. There is no benefit to a GPU/graphics card, ASICs or other custom hardware. The mining software can use as many CPU cores as the computer has available. The software requires approximately 4 GB of memory to run the network node software, plus 2 GB of memory to run the mining software using 4 CPU cores, plus an additional 1 GB of memory for each additional 3 CPU cores used.

The mining software runs under Windows x64 or Linux 64-bit. Pre-built executables are provided for Windows. For Linux, the software must be built from source, following the instructions at https://github.com/CredaCash/CredaCash/blob/master/BUILDING.md.

The following steps should help get the CredaCash mining software quickly running:

1. Download the Windows executable files at https://CredaCash.com/software/, then extract the contents to any convenient directory.

2. CredaCash runs entirely over the Tor network for privacy and security. To verify Tor works on your network, open a command prompt window and “cd” to the directory containing the CredaCash executable files. Then start Tor using the command:

     Tor\tor -f tor.conf -DataDirectory tor-temp-test

After 1 to 5 minutes, Tor should report: “Bootstrapped 100%: Done”.

3. Stop Tor by pressing Ctrl-C, then start the CredaCash network node software using the command:

     ccnode > ccnode.log

After 1 to 5 minutes, new block announcements should appear on the console. When new block announcements begin to regularly appear every 15 to 20 seconds, then the node is fully sync’ed to the blockchain and the wallet can be started.

4. Open a new command prompt window, and “cd” to the directory containing the CredaCash executable files. Then start the wallet using the command:

     ccwallet --create-wallet --interactive

The wallet will prompt for a password for its master secret. After the master secret is generated, enter the command:

     cc.mint start

The wallet will launch one thread for each CPU core, and begin generating mint transactions. The mining software runs at a lower CPU priority, so the computer may still be usable for other tasks, but might seem sluggish.

During the initial mining, one block containing one mint transaction is added to the blockchain every 15-20 seconds. The miner that submits the best transaction for each block is awarded 1000 units of currency, and this amount is reflected in the wallet balance a few seconds after the block is generated. The winning transaction for each block is the one that (a) uses the root hash from the block 12 levels prior as an input; (b) has an output hash closest to the prior block hash; and (c) was received by the blockchain witnesses before the prior block was generated (this ensures no miner benefits from a lower latency connection).

The wallet displays the amount of time required to generate each mint transaction. If that time is more than 60 seconds, it is recommended that the number of mining threads be reduced to ensure all mint transactions are received by the network in time for inclusion in the blockchain. This can be accomplished using the command:

     cc.mint threads <n>

where “n” is the number of threads that should be left running.

When the CredaCash initial currency mint is complete around July 25, the mining software will automatically stop.

The latest release of the CredaCash software only supports mining. A production version of the software that can send and receive transactions using the mined currency will be released when the initial mining is complete, around August 1, 2019.