CredaCash™ is a next generation cryptocurrency that features:

  • Speed: Transactions clear in just seconds.
  • Finality: Cleared transactions are final and cannot be reversed.
  • Privacy: Transactions are encrypted using Zero Knowledge Proofs to keep the source of funds, destination of funds, and the transaction assets and amounts completely private.  CredaCash can create a private transaction in just seconds, faster than any other cryptocurrency that uses zero knowledge proofs.
  • Advanced Privacy Features: CredaCash’s Zero Knowledge Proofs support advanced privacy features such as completely private escrow transactions, completely private asset swaps, completely private cross-chain currency swaps, completely private tokenized assets, completely private M-of-N hierarchical multi-secrets, completely private token lock times and completely private restricted output addresses.
  • Scalability: A single blockchain can scale to thousands of transactions per second.  In the future, we hope that multiple blockchains will be interconnected and payments routed seamlessly between them, similar to routing data on the internet.

Read our whitepaper to learn more:

CredaCash Whitepaper

The following detailed technical documentation is also available but does not cover the latest features:

CredaCash Transaction Protocol

CredaCash Transaction API Reference Manual

CredaCash Blockchain Assembly