CredaCash Technology

100% Private CredaCash is the most private cryptocurrency in the world. Transactions are encrypted using Zero Knowledge Proofs that keep the source of funds, destination of funds, and the transaction amounts completely private. Some other currencies are far from “100% private” because they don’t keep the transaction amounts private, they mix transactions using a very small mix set which leads to transaction tracing vulnerabilities (Monero), or they combine public and private payments which can compromise privacy even when using a private address (Zcash). All CredaCash transactions are completely private, ensuring the highest level of confidentiality.

Advanced Privacy CredaCash’s Zero Knowledge Proofs support advanced privacy features such as completely private tokenized assets, completely private asset swaps, completely private cross-chain currency swaps, completely private escrow transactions, completely private M-of-N hierarchical multi-secrets, completely private token lock times, and completely private restricted output addresses.

Fully Fungible The CredaCash Zero Knowledge Proof ensures that transaction inputs and outputs cannot be linked. As a result, coins have no history and are completely fungible. That makes it impossible for anyone to discriminate against a valid coin, and no one, not even the developers, would be able to revert an accepted transaction because it is not possible to tell which transaction would need to be reverted.

Fast CredaCash uses an optimized Zero Knowledge Proof implementation and a high-speed blockchain so transactions can be created and cleared in seconds.

Final Once cleared, a transaction is final and cannot be reversed, so users can rely on the payments they receive without waiting minutes or hours for multiple confirmations.

Massively Scalable CredaCash is massively scalable—a single blockchain can support over a thousand transactions per second. In the future, we hope to see support for multiple blockchains, with payments seamlessly routed from source to destination blockchain, similar to routing data on the internet. This would allow massive global scalability with millions of transactions per second.

Flexibility A single blockchain cannot fill all needs. In the future, we would like users to be able create their own blockchains, each with its own set of features. Smart contracts, additional tokenized assets such as stocks and bonds, new signature algorithms, completely decentralized blockchains, varying blockrates and fees—these are some of the possibilities. These blockchains would all have one thing in common—they will all be able to transparently exchange the same units of cryptocurrency. This would allow new blockchains to be setup on demand to incubate new technologies, with all blockchains interconnected in a global, feature-rich and constantly evolving network.

Read our whitepaper to learn more:

CredaCash Whitepaper

The following detailed technical documentation is also available but does not cover the latest features:

CredaCash Transaction Protocol

CredaCash Transaction API Reference Manual

CredaCash Blockchain Assembly